Google fixes Play Music library issues in Google Assistant

Google fixes Play Music library issues in Google Assistant

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Google has finally fixed one of the biggest annoyances with the Google Assistant in recent months. For whatever reason, while the Google Assistant (and the Google Home) could play music, you couldn’t play your uploaded or purchased songs on Google Play Music. It’s a huge issue for those with devices that portray themselves as home entertainment devices such as the Google Home Max. Not being able to play your own music is a pretty big issue, but Google has finally fixed it. Previously, it was very limited in terms of what you could actually listen to as a free user of Google Play Music.

Google has another addition too, one that users may either love or hate. When playing music as a free user, your uploaded and purchased songs are more likely to come up than those that you haven’t purchased in the same mix. Conversely, uploaded or purchased music is more likely to play if you are a paid subscriber. There are still a few exceptions to that, however. For example, asking Google to play music for a specific mood, genre, or activity will ignore that entirely and will default to the way it used to be.

The Google Assistant just got a whole lot better for those who use it for their own uploaded music. It’s very much a needed feature for those with the likes of a Google Home Max, where half of its purpose is multimedia. Note that if Google Play Music isn’t set as your default music player, then you can avail of the same functionality by saying “Hey Google, play X on Google Play Music.” The updated feature is currently rolling out to Google Home devices globally and will allow you to finally play your purchased and uploaded songs on your smart device.

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