Google Play Newsstand 3.3 Brings Material Design Makeover

Google Play Newsstand 3.3 Brings Material Design Makeover

In a clear break from the previous practice of delivering nearly weekly Google Update Wednesdays, it’s been quite a while since we see a significant update to one of Google’s core Android apps. While today’s not Wednesday, Google has detailed a rather large overhaul to one of its most popular news content consumption apps, Google Play Newsstand.

Today’s update brings Google Play Newsstand up to version 3.3. And chief among the changes found in the latest version, is a complete UI overhaul that brings many elements of Material Design to the app. This is mainly seen as part of the new magazine reading experience, which brings bigger images, more contextual headers, and smoother transitions. Outside of the magazine view, you are able to swipe left and right between topics and up and down to examine a particular topic more deeptly. There are also deeper topic cards available in the explore section to make topic discovery and research more streamlined than ever before.

As is always the case with Google app updates, the APK will be making its way to consumer devices over the next few days. However for those looking to sideload the APK before it rolls out to everyone, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the APK over on our Google Drive. You can find out about all of the changes to this version on the Official Android Blog.

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