Apps shared via Google Files Go, SHAREIt, and Xender will be verified by Google Play

Apps shared via Google Files Go, SHAREIt, and Xender will be verified by Google Play

Google has worked on a way to keep those users secure who love side-loading applications. Back in June, they started to automatically add security metadata to any app uploaded to the Google Play Store so that they can be verified as originating from Google Play when shared elsewhere. This helps users by having their side-loaded apps receive updates from Google Play as if they installed it from the Play Store, and helps developers by better tracking these users for support. But this security measure had one big catch: It only worked when the device was online and in contact with the Google Play Store. Since Google implemented the feature to help users in countries with limited data plans and connectivity, this needed to be fixed.


That’s why they’ve begun to implement the metadata checking into certain peer-to-peer file sharing apps. That way, the user will be able to verify the authenticity of the application and confirm that it is from the Google Play Store. After the successful peer-to-peer exchange of the application, the receiver will be able to take updates from the Play Store. Google has implemented the offline P2P authentication feature into SHAREIt but future updates to Google Files Go and Xender will also add this new check. What’s fortunate for developers is that they don’t have to do anything benefit from this change. All your apps will go through Google Play’s verification during offline peer-to-peer sharing.

The file sharing apps mentioned above can be downloaded from the Google Play Store listings below. Keep your eye out on an update to Files Go and Xender in the coming days and weeks to see when it implements this new feature.

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