Google Play Protect, A New Solution To Keep your Android Device Secure

Google Play Protect, A New Solution To Keep your Android Device Secure

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There are over one billion active Android devices around the world. This number is growing each day as devices become more affordable. The increasing popularity of Android comes with a larger number of applications added to the Play Store on a daily basis. During Google I/O 2017, Google has announced Google Play Protect – a new way to keep your system safe.

Google Play Protect is a comprehensive security service for Android that is poised to keep the device safe and secure. Its key feature is a protection scan. The screening begins when an app is added to the Play Store by the developer. Google scans for malicious code and automatically disables applications that are designed to harm the device. The service is also actively scanning the device and helps users to uninstall unwanted applications. To make things faster and easier to maintain, Google developed the machine learning systems that automatically compare app behavior and distinguishes those acting abnormally.

Lost and misplaced devices can be located by Find My Device, which replaces the Android Device Manager with a new UI. Users can use the browser or another device to remotely call the device or even erase the data to protect valuable information. It’s not a new solution, but Google included it into the Play Protect program.

Finally, the browser is also protected by Safe Browsing. The Chrome browser informs you that that a certain website might contain a virus or some malicious program. It’s not a new feature, but Google emphasizes its importance as a part of Play Protect.

Source: Google