Google Play Services 6.5 Updates Fit, Drive, and Wallet APIs

Google Play Services 6.5 Updates Fit, Drive, and Wallet APIs

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The last time we saw a major update to Google Play Services was back in September with the launch of Play Services 6.1. This update brought new ecommerse analytics tools, a tag manager, and an improved Drive API. Google Play Services 6.1 was then rolled out to all Play-enabled users via the Google Play Store roughly one month later, alongside a revised app settings icon. Now, approximately another month later, Google has yet again updated Play Services, this time to 6.5.

Google Play Services 6.5 brings quite a few additions to the company’s fragmentation-thwarting tool. For starters, version 6.5 updates the recently released Google Fit API. Using the Fit SDK, you can “supercharge your fitness apps with a simple API for working with sensors, recording activity data, and reading the user’s aggregated fitness data.” This update makes it easier for fitness app devellopers to add activity segments, pauses, and mulitple types of workouts.

In addition to the major changes to the Fit API, Google Play Services 6.5 brings updates to the Drive API to make search easier and syncing more user- and battery-friendly. Google Wallet was also updated to support donations. Finally, Granular Dependency Management makes it possible to build lighter weight, Play Services-enabled apps by allowing your app to depend on only a minimal common library and just the APIs that your application needs.

Google Play Services 6.5 will be rolling out to users via the Google Play Store over the next few days. Once the rollout is complete, Google will deliver an updated version of the SDK to allow developers to code with all of the new features.

Although the rollout has not yet begun, you can visit XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai’s Google Play Services thread to get the latest version when it’s made available.

[Source: Android Developers Blog]