Google Play Store 5 Brings Added Material Design, New Icon

Google Play Store 5 Brings Added Material Design, New Icon

This past week and a half has sure been busy for first party Google Android application updates. Just a little over a week ago, we started off with a Google Play Newsstand update that brought a complete Material Design makeover. Then just one day later, Google followed up with a Google+ update that brought some additional Material Design goodness to the first application to sport the UI style in the first place. Then two days ago, we were given updates to the Chromecast companion app and Chrome Stable. But if you thought that Google was all done with updates for the week, you were wrong. There’s (at least) one more in store, and it’s a doozy: Google Play Store 5.

Today’s update to the Google Play Store brings us to version number 5.0.31-80300031, up from the previous 4.9 build. As you would expect from a major version number change, there’s quite a lot of new stuff both under the hood and visible to the outside world. For starters, the first thing you’ll see is a brand new, paper-like application icon. This is in total keeping with the rest of Material Design’s paper-like aesthetic and just generally looks more modern than previous iterations. Next, you’ll notice additional Material Design flair once in the app such as animations when accessing and exiting the slide-out hamburger menu, as well as updated iconography in various aspects of the application. Finally, the ‘What’s New’ section is now more prominently visible in each application listing.

As is nearly always the case with Google application updates, Play Store 5 will be making its way out to consumer devices gradually over the course of the next few days and/or weeks. That said, we’ve gone ahead and mirrored the APK on our Google Drive for your early access, sideloading pleasure.

Please be aware that this APK is currently incompatible with both versions of the Android L developer preview. So if you happen to be running the official Android L preview images (or ports based on the preview images), you’d better hold off for now.

[Many thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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