Google Play Store will crowdsource data on app installs to make the experience better for all

Google Play Store will crowdsource data on app installs to make the experience better for all

Back in 2018, Google introduced a new app publishing format called Android App Bundle, helping app developers significantly reduce the APK size and deliver features as and when they needed instead of bundling everything at once at installation time. To improve the app installation experience even further for end-users and reduce the time it takes to download, open and run apps on our Android devices, Google is launching a new initiative called App install optimization.

When the App install optimization (via 9to5Google) feature is turned on, Google will collect data on how you interact with a newly installed app or which parts of the app you accessed when you first open the app. Google will gather this data from a large user base and combine it to find common behaviors and identify which parts of the app are more important. Using this information, Google says it can speed up the installation, opening, and running time for an app.

When you turn on app install optimization, Google can tell which parts of an app you use the first time you open it after installation. When enough people do this, Google can optimize the app to install, open, and run faster for everyone.

Google notes the App install optimization feature doesn’t collect any personal data such as email address, your name, or content stored on your device.

Google says it will use the crowdsourced data to:

  • Speed up installation for apps from Google Play
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to open and run apps
  • Reduce strain on your device’s CPU, battery, and storage

The App install optimization feature is opt-in and users have the option to turn it on or off from within the Play Store app. Google’s support page notes that even if you disable the feature, you can still benefit from data collected from other users.

At the time being, the feature wasn’t available on our device, running the Play Store version 24.4.23. We’ll keep an eye out on the feature and will sure to let you know when it goes live for everyone. In the meanwhile, here’s an image by Android app developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi of where you will find the option in the Play Store app once it goes live.

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