[Update: It’s coming back] Google removes ‘Permissions’ list from Play Store app listings

[Update: It’s coming back] Google removes ‘Permissions’ list from Play Store app listings

Update 1 (07/21/2022 @ 11:27 ET): Google is bringing the permissions list back to the Play Store. Scroll to the bottom for more information. The article as published on July 14, 2022, is preserved below.

While on the one hand, Google has introduced a new “Data Safety” section on the Play Store to provide users with more information about how apps use their data, on the other, the company is removing crucial details from app listings. In March this year, Google removed the ‘Updated on’ section from Play Store listings for some users. Now, it’s getting rid of the ‘Permissions’ list.


For the unaware, app listings on the Google Play Store include a ‘Permissions’ section that lists all the permissions required by each app. It lets users easily check all permissions required by an app without installing it on their device, making it a handy feature for privacy-conscious users. However, according to Mishaal Rahman, Google seems to have removed it from Play Store listings for all apps.

In a recent tweet, Rahman shared screenshots of the Play Store listing for the Facebook app before and after the change went into effect. As you can see, the updated listing no longer shows the ‘Permissions’ list, so you can no longer check the app permissions before installing the app.

We’re not sure why Google has gone ahead with this change, and the company is yet to release an official statement on the matter. But we suspect it has something to do with the new Play Store Data Safety section, which is currently rolling out to users. The new Data Safety section provides users with information about how apps use their data in the Play Store listing. The information provided in the Data Safety section is a bit easier to digest for the average user, making it a bit more useful than the Permissions list, which doesn’t offer an explanation for the required permissions.

Those with a fair understanding of Android app permissions can still access the information by using the Aurora Store, a FOSS Google Play Client, or by inspecting the app’s manifest.

Update: Google is bringing the permissions list back to Play Store app listings

In a recent tweet from the Android Developers account, Google announced that it will reinstate the app permissions section on the Play Store. While Google has not provided a definite timeline, it’s great to see the company listening to user feedback.

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