Paid apps now available in the Play Store in Georgia and Myanmar

Paid apps now available in the Play Store in Georgia and Myanmar

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The Google Play Store is arguably the only reliable source for downloading apps on the Android platform. Google’s own market is built into the system of most phones and offers over 2.6 million apps. Unfortunately, the contents of the market isn’t the same in every country. Both the developers and Google regulate the availability of applications in different places of the world. My home country of Georgia is one of the greatest examples. Historically, we didn’t have an access to paid applications or free apps with in-app purchases. Thankfully, the search giant is hard at work trying to make the Play Store somewhat available everywhere. Starting today, paid apps on Play Store are available in Georgia and Myanmar.

AndroidPolice noticed the addition of those two countries in the Play Store developer console documentation. Prices of the paid apps and IAPs in Georgia can range from 2₾ (~$0.75) to 1,100₾ (~$411). Prices in Myanmar will range from MMK 1500 (~$0.95) to 620,000 (~$391). In addition, users from Paraguay and Serbia can now buy apps from the Play Store with their local currency.

The addition of two new countries will open up new opportunities for users and developers alike. I can say for sure that piracy on the Android platform is big in Georgia because it’s not that easy to purchase apps and support the developers. Bringing paid apps to countries like Georgia will encourage users to pay for applications and download them from a reliable source rather than shady APK websites. In return, developers will see at least a minimal impact of the sales performance on their applications. To put it short, it’s a win/win situation for users, developers, and Google itself.

Source: Google Via: AndroidPolice