Google Play Store adds a dedicated section for “premium” Chromebook-compatible games

Google Play Store adds a dedicated section for “premium” Chromebook-compatible games

Last month, we saw something that’s pretty rare: an Android app built with Chrome OS in mind. Android apps are seen as sort of a “last resort” solution for Chromebooks if you can’t find a web app to do the job. Most aren’t designed for desktop interfaces and can often not work very well in that environment. However, it looks like Google is hoping to change that with a new section in the Play Store.

The Google Play Store on Chrome OS is now showing a new section for “Premium” games for Chromebooks. The new section has a description that reads “We’ve picked the games that play well on Chromebooks,” indicating this is a curated selection from Google. The page isn’t live for everyone yet, but I was able to see it on my Chromebook.


Here is the list of games currently in the section:

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from playing just about any Android game on your Chromebook. The idea with this new section in the Play Store is these games are better suited to a Chrome OS device. These games might work better with a mouse and keyboard compared to other games that rely more on touch input, and they might look better on the larger screens of most Chromebooks.

As mentioned, the Play Store section isn’t available to every yet as it appears to be rolling out via a server-side switch. Hopefully, this section is a sign of Google putting more emphasis on developers who are creating apps and games for Chrome OS devices. Android apps are a great addition to Chromebooks, but a lot of them simply don’t work well. It’s great to see the ones that do get brought to the forefront.

Via: Chrome Unboxed

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