[Update: Fixed] Google Play Store is reportedly failing to show newly published apps in search

[Update: Fixed] Google Play Store is reportedly failing to show newly published apps in search

Update (12/18/19 @ 4:15 PM ET): Google fixes Play Store bug that prevented newly published apps from showing in search results.

Over the last couple of months, Google has introduced several new features for the Play Store. The Play Store has recently received a new dark theme on Android 10, one-tap buttons to unsubscribe from betas, clear wishlists, etc., and we’ve even seen hints of an upcoming incognito mode. But while Google may be hard at work on these new features, there’s a major bug on the Google Play Store that remains unaddressed. The bug in question affects the search functionality of the Play Store and doesn’t bring up recently added apps, even when you use the right keywords.


According to a recent report from Android Authority, the bug prevents you from finding certain apps and games on the Google Play Store. These apps, which are definitely live, don’t show up in the search results even when you type out the entire name. For instance, searching for the game ‘Deliver The Duck’ only brings up related results and doesn’t bring up the game itself. The game doesn’t show up even if you search with the full title ‘Deliver The Duck Water Game’. However, the game does show up if you search for ‘Deliver_The_Duck’.

Google Play Store bug

The bug has been reported by several big-name developers both on Google Play Help forums and on the Google Issue Tracker. As of now, it isn’t quite clear what the problem is in this situation, but it seems like Google might be hiding these search results for some reason. However, the fact that you can find the apps by slightly altering the search keyword leads us to believe that the issue might be a result of some recent changes to the search algorithm. While Google hasn’t released an official statement regarding the matter, a comment on the Issue Tracker reveals that the issue has already been escalated to the development team. We’ll update this post as and when Google releases a statement regarding the matter.

Source: Google Issue Tracker, Google Play Help

Via: Android Authority, Reddit

Update: Fixed

Earlier this month, a bug in the Play Store was preventing newly published app from showing in search results. According to comments on the Issue Tracker threads and Support forums, it looks like Google has resolved the problem. Most developers are reporting that it’s fixed. That’s great news as search results play a huge part in how many people can find an app.

Source: Issue Tracker, Issue Tracker, Support Forum

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