Google Play Store tests showing a new section with all your app reviews

Google Play Store tests showing a new section with all your app reviews

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Reviews are a critical part of app stores as they make it easy for people to gauge the quality of an app before installing. It’s important to help the community and leave reviews as much as possible. Google is testing a new section in the Play Store to encourage you to review other apps and make it easy to see all of the reviews you’ve left.

The new section appears in the Google Play Store under the “Installed” tab on the “My Apps & Games” page. Tapping “Reviews” brings you to a new page with two tabs for “Unreviewed” and “Posted.” The Unreviewed tab shows all the installed apps on your phone that you haven’t reviewed. The Posted tab shows your written reviews and star reviews along with the date they were created. Pretty straight forward.

Previously, there really wasn’t an easy way to see all of your reviews in one place in the Google Play Store. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, it makes people more aware of how they can leave reviews and makes the process easier. You don’t have to go out of your way to hunt down the app to leave a review. Second, it makes it much easier to update old reviews, which is very important.

This new section appears to be in testing right now. Several people on the XDA staff (including myself) already have it, but most don’t. Check the Play Store on your phone to see if it’s there!

Thanks to Telegram user @anisgvr for the tip!