Google Play Store tests simultaneous app downloading and budget tracking features

Google Play Store tests simultaneous app downloading and budget tracking features

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Google’s Play Store is the official solution for downloading applications on Android. Google is known to do A/B testing with the Play Store, so new features and changes are always expected. For example, Google is testing the new user interface based on the latest principles of material design. The Play Store is home to millions of applications, most of which are updated regularly, so it’s important for Google to provide a fast and reliable downloading experience. Currently, the store downloads/updates applications one by one. It looks like this is changing now. Some users noticed the Play Store now supports simultaneous downloads, which, in theory, makes the whole downloading and installing process much faster.

The feature works like this: when you tap on the “UPDATE ALL” button in My Apps and Games section, some of your applications will start downloading simultaneously. Of course, installing the applications still happen one-by-one, as it’s a limitation of Android. According to Android Police, the change is toggled via a server-side update, and we can confirm that too. I tried updating apps on my Pixel 3, which runs the latest version of Play Store (14.5.52), but I didn’t see the simultaneous downloading.

The next big change is the budgeting options. Google now lets you control how much you spend on applications and in-app purchases. The option is available under Account > Purchase history. Here you can set a maximum budget for the month to spend in the Play Store. It also shows a nice progress bar after entering the desired amount.

There are more little updates to the Play Store, like updated Play Protect interface, which now opens in the same activity as the Play Store itself. As I already mentions, these updates are part of A/B testings, so may not see all of them. I use the latest version of the Play Store but I only see app budgeting and new Play Protect, with no simultaneous download in sight. Make sure to share your experiences with us.

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