Google Play Store has a new Subscription Center for easy management

Google Play Store has a new Subscription Center for easy management

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Google sees a lot of potential for subscription-based services in the Google Play Store, and rightfully so. We’re told that people who are subscribing to services via the Google Play Store have grown to more than 80% compared to where things were at last year. With a lot more developers taking advantage of this new revenue stream, Google thought it was a great idea to begin expanding the features available for both subscribers and the developers. Some of these features were announced at Google I/O 2018 earlier this year and now we’re seeing these features rolling out to the public.

First up, we can see that there will be a new Subscription Center for subscribers to check up on all of their subscriptions. This feature was built as many people felt like they could be “trapped” in a monthly subscription without knowing how to cancel it when they wanted. So now customers have one place to view all of their subscriptions while giving them the ability to cancel any of them that they like. Users will also be able to update their payment methods, renew subscriptions, and restore previously canceled subscriptions, all from the Subscription Center.

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Subscribers aren’t the only ones getting new features with this latest announcement as Google has also been working on new tools to give developers more flexibility to manage their business. A highly requested feature from developers was a way to change prices and soon these developers will be able to ask their subscribers if they are willing to accept a new price change via the Google Play Store. This comes along with other new features announced at Google I/O including the ability to upgrade a subscription without changing someone’s expiration date, issuing partial refunds, refund specific renewals (not just the latest), and more.

Source: Android Developer’s Blog