Google Play Store is getting a Kid section with “Teacher Approved” Apps

Google Play Store is getting a Kid section with “Teacher Approved” Apps

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Any parent will tell you that managing screen time is a big concern when you have kids. The amount of time kids can spend in front of screens is one issue, but even more important is what is shown on the screen. Now, more than ever, parents are relying on managing screen time for their kids to cope with stay-at-home orders. It can be difficult to find apps and games that are appropriate and educational. The Google Play Store will make this easier with a new Kids tab and a “teacher approved” label.

Google has teamed up with academic experts and teachers across the US to rate kid-friendly content on the Play Store. Apps are rated on a number of factors, including age-appropriateness, quality of experience, enrichment, and delight. You’ll see this information on the app page listed under the “Teacher approved” label with descriptions for why the app is approved.

The Kids tab will be replacing the existing Family tab in the Google Play Store. Once this change is rolled out, there will be a “Teacher approved” section that curates these apps. If you’re a Google Play Pass subscriber, the selection is available within “Apps and games for kids.” These new features will be rolling out in the US over the next few days, and Google will be expanding to more regions in the “coming months.”

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