Google Play Store tests showing a translate button for app descriptions

Google Play Store tests showing a translate button for app descriptions

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We all know that Google loves doing A/B tests on its applications and services. But lately, tests on the Play Store have increased. We already saw the Material Theme redesign in action, as well as the newest simultaneous downloads and budgeting feature. Today we noticed yet another very interesting change. As you all know, the Play Store is operating in a lot of countries, so good localization support is a must for the service. Google just added a simple translation feature for application descriptions.

The feature becomes visible after opening the listing of the application which has a description in a foreign language. The Play Store will let you translate it to your system’s default language, which Google assumes to be your first language. The translation service is most likely powered by Google Translate, so it’s fairly accurate. You can see the translate button in the screenshots below, just above the app description. Considering that my device’s operating system is set to English, Google automatically assumed I’d want translation in that language, which is understandable. The translation takes just one tap and it happens in an instant without a slight delay. I tried the feature on a lot of applications and even very big descriptions were translated in a blink of an eye.

The update seems to be more widespread than the simultaneous downloads. I and some of XDA writers received translation feature alongside the budgeting and Play Protect update. Keep in mind that this is the server-side update, so you don’t need to download any APKs. By the way, we are using the latest version of the Play Store, 14.5.52, which you should have received by now. If you want to check how the feature works, just search for any application which has a description in a foreign language and tap on the translate button.

Thanks to systemRockstar for the tip!