Android developers get a safety net with Google’s pilot program

Android developers get a safety net with Google’s pilot program

Developers are an important part of any app ecosystem, especially when it comes to mobile platforms like Android. Google has invested a lot in its developer community, offerings tools, tutorials, and even holding annual conferences. Despite this, there are still many moving parts, and sometimes an app developer might unintentionally break a rule, resulting in a strike on their Google Play developer account. Today, Google has announced a new program, one that could result in getting the strike waived.

The Google Play Strike Removal pilot program is now available to select developers, allowing them to potentially remove a strike from their account by receiving new training and passing an assessment test. The new training will share policies that are in place and how developers can bring things into compliance. Google hopes that by having developers complete their new course and passing its test, they will be able to avoid further violations in the future. Multiple strikes against a Google Play developer account can have dire consequences, with the most severe resulting in termination.


Since the program is in its pilot phase, selected developers with a strike against their account may receive an invitation to the program via email. The email will include details about the app and its infraction. The training program does not need to be taken all at once. However, there is a deadline for completion which needs to be met to complete it successfully. Furthermore, the developer will have three chances to successfully pass the assessment. Once the assessment is successfully completed, Google will waive the applied strike on the app.

As mentioned before, the program is in its pilot phase, so not all developers will receive an email. Google states that taking the course is optional, and if you find the strike was in error, you can appeal the process. If the appeal process is unsuccessful, developers may still participate in the Google Play Strike Removal pilot program. Google does allow developers to take the course and the test, but if Google didn’t explicitly invite you, your strike won’t be waived.

Source: Google
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