Google Play Update Places Tablet Apps Front and Center

Google Play Update Places Tablet Apps Front and Center

About a month and a half ago, Google shared some future plans on better highlighting tablet-specific apps within the Google Play Store. Along with that announcement, Google also shared some Tablet Optimization Tips to make sure that your apps play nicely on larger screens.

Now, the update is here, and the Google Play Store defaults to show only applications specifically designed for tablets when accessing the Play Store from a tablet. And as an incentive to make applications tablet-friendly, applications that meet the tablet optimization requirements are then shown in this tablet-specific list. Of course, you can still view phone-optimized apps by switching the view from “Designed for Tablets” to “Designed for Phones.” But with Google’s ever expanding tablet app library, it’s becoming increasingly possible to find every app you need for your Android tablet without having to resort to phone apps.

We’re glad to see Google take tablets more seriously. Now that there are over 70 million Android tablets in circulation, it’s about time. Those developing tablet apps should visit the Google-sourced resources listed below:

[Source: Android Developers Google+ Account | Via PocketNow]

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