Google “profile cards” will let you control what people see when searching for your name

Google “profile cards” will let you control what people see when searching for your name

You may not want to admit it, but chances are you’ve been curious enough to Google your name. If you never have, you really should to see how much of your personal information is discoverable. You will probably find more than you’d like, and Google is preparing to roll out a tool to put some of the privacy control back in your hands.

Searching for a celebrity on Google will bring up an information card. The card puts information like birth date, physical attributes, family members, social media accounts, etc in an easy to glance format. Regular folks don’t get this treatment, but a new feature called “profile cards” may change that a bit. People will be able to customize their own profile card and choose what information can be seen in Google Search.


Existing “About Me” page

Profile cards seem to be similar to Google+ profile pages and the current About Me page for Google accounts. You control what information appears on these cards, which is then discoverable when people search for your name. It doesn’t hide any of the links that will show up in a Google Search for your name, but it does put some level of control in your hands.

The information that will be required is your name, location, summary, and occupation. This is enough to distinguish you from other people, and there are more optional fields that can be filled out. Profile cards don’t appear to be live yet and we don’t know exactly what it will look like. Google mentions the feature on several newly published support pages.

Update: Thanks to Vidhan in the comments, we can see what profile cards look like in action. It appears the feature is available now in India.

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