Google Prompt 2-step verification will soon be enabled on any phone you’re signed in to

Google Prompt 2-step verification will soon be enabled on any phone you’re signed in to

An important part of staying secure online is the use of 2-step verification. Many services offer 2-step verification and you should use it wherever applicable. One of the things that prevents people from enabling 2-step is the slight inconvenience, but Google makes it easy with “Google Prompt.” This is the feature that will pop up a “Is this you?” message on your phone when you sign in from another device. Soon it will be available on any phone.

Google Prompt has been around for a few years and it’s the primary choice for users who enable 2-step verification. Prompt is more secure than SMS because it’s locked to your Google account rather than a phone number. Previously, Prompt had to be enabled on individual devices on your account. When you sign in to Google from a different device, you’d receive the Prompt on the selected devices. Google is now saying any “eligible phone” will also get prompts.


If you’re someone that has a few devices, this is a very welcomed change. I always found it cumbersome to have to go find the devices I had selected when I needed to access a Google Prompt. I’ve noticed in recent months, however, that several of my devices have been enabled by default, so it appears Google has already started rolling this out. Google says it will be available to any “eligible phone” starting July 7th.

If you use phones that currently don’t get Google sign-in prompts, they’ll be able to get prompts after July 7, 2020. Going forward, any eligible phone you add to your account will also get prompts.

It’s not clear what constitutes an “eligible phone” and we never really knew which devices weren’t supported to begin with. In checking my own account, it’s enabled on devices from a variety of manufacturers, including Google, LG, HTC, and Huawei. Keep an eye out for this feature to be enabled on your devices. It’s a great time saver if you use 2-step verification.

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