Google Publishes Changes in the Android Support Library v25.1.0

Google Publishes Changes in the Android Support Library v25.1.0

The Android Support Library is an invaluable resource for application developers.

The library offers features that are not built into the Android framework, and also includes backwards-compatible versions of new features as well (such as the Snackbar, the Floating Action Button (FAB), tab support, and more). The library is there for developers who want useful UI elements and also provides a number of utilities that applications can draw on.

Almost once a month we see Google pushing out a new update to this support library, and the update for December has been made public. This update brings the library’s version up to 25.1.0 and it comes with a number of changes: new and modified APIs, several fixed issues, and deprecations of some older features. In its release notes, Google highlights what they feel are the most important changes in this update. This includes some changes to RecyclerView, the deprecation of FragmentActivity.setSupportMediaController() and FragmentActivity.getSupportMediaController(), and an adjustment to appcompat:buttonTint.

Version 25.1.0 of the Android Support Library adds the ExifInterface support library, which uncouples support for reading Exif information from JPEG/RAW files, along with setting the Exif information on JPEG images. The Snackbar has been refactored so that applications can display custom content. They’ve added a new package which lets helper classes integrate media players into Android TV apps. Furthermore, they’ve added an ArraySet class to the v4 support library (which corresponds to the class that was introduced in API level 23).

This library update also comes with a long list of fixes to some of the current items in the Android Support Library. The password visibility toggle used to fail accessibility tests, but has now been fixed. Appcompat used to not respect state_enabled on pre-Lollipop devices, but has now also been fixed. Applications were unable to tint AnimatedVectorDrawableCompat on API levels below 24, but that has been fixed as well.

Developers who regularly utilize features from the Android Support Library should definitely want to check out the whole list of changes for version 25.1.0 at the link below.

Source: Android Developers

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