Google Publishes its First Watchface Featuring Street Art

Google Publishes its First Watchface Featuring Street Art

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When Android Wear was announced last year, watchfaces were left solely to the device OEM with numerous third party options available, unofficially at first and officially when the Watchface API was made public. However, Google itself never sought to venture into this space until now and earlier today the first watchface from Google hit the Play Store, titled “Street Art watch face”.

Google has worked closely with artists in the past, even going on to form an official Google Art Project to enable people to view and discover artwork online. This watchface is a manifestation of the Street Art aspect of that relationship and features the work of dozens of artists on your wrist. The image automatically cycles every few minutes with no option to configure the change, the only form of customization being selection between analog, digital or minimal time display, and a date toggle.


The different time display options allow the watchface to adapt perfectly to both round and square form factors, and if street art, just art or variety appeal to you, this watchface is definitely worth checking out., and is free on Google Play.