Google Publishes November’s Cast SDK Release Notes

Google Publishes November’s Cast SDK Release Notes

Along with the change log for the latest Google Play Services update, Google has also published the changes that went into the new Google Cast SDK update. The new update requires Google Repository revision 39, which is for version 10.0.x of Google Play Services. This brings some improvements to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scans, adds several improvements and bug fixes with the latest update to Firebase, and also brings back Nearby Notifications.

The November 21st update to the Google Cast SDK comes with support for the 4K video format. There’s a new method in MediaStatus that gets the current instance of VideoInfo (a new class). The 4K video format is indicated by constants HDR_TYPE_*. There’s another new method that exposes CastState, and that holds the current session state so the SDK knows if devices are available and whether or not a session has been established.

It also adds new @drawable button attributes so developers can customize button styles. It includes a fix for a bug that caused the image aspect ratio to be displayed incorrectly. There’s a new method that exposes MediaRouteSelector that will describe the routing of media channels and streams. This will be used from the current sender device to the receiving screens, speakers, etc. Sender apps will be able to discover and use these routes, but most developers can ignore this since version 3 of the framework SDK does this automatically.

There are two new classes that have been added for ad breaks. They are AdBreakclipInfo and AdBreakStatus, and they’ll hold static information like the clip’s ID, content URL, mime type, total duration, playback position, and click-through URL. This update includes the ability for the sender device to turn off Remote Control Notifications as well (a new feature that was recently added. Lastly, all methods within CastContext that your app calls must be called from the main thread. If an application fails to do this, then an Exception will be thrown.

Source: Google Developers

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