Google’s RCS-based Chat features are rolling out for some in the Samsung Messages app

Google’s RCS-based Chat features are rolling out for some in the Samsung Messages app

Samsung and Google have been working together to ensure that their respective messaging apps “work seamlessly with each company’s RCS technology” since 2018. However, the Samsung Messages app currently only supports RCS through carriers and Samsung Galaxy users have to install the Google Messages app on their devices to utilize Google’s RCS-based Chat features. But that’s set to change soon as some users have started receiving support for Google’s RCS-based Chat features in Samsung Messages.

Earlier this year in April, Samsung announced that it was working with Google to bring “support for Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) to Galaxy smartphones” via the Samsung Messages app. But at the time, the company hadn’t shared a release timeline for the same. Now, according to a recent post from u/ChunkyLoverMark on Reddit, Samsung is finally rolling out support for Google’s RCS chat features with the latest Samsung Messages update.


Google chat features dialog in Samsung Messages

As you can see in the attached screenshot, logging into Samsung Messages following the update brings up a new dialog that alerts users of the new functionality and presents them with options to enable the feature or continue using Samsung Messages without chat features.

Samsung Messages input box chat features

Once enabled, the input box states, “Enter chat message,” highlighting that the user has started using Google’s RCS chat features. Messages sent using service appear in blue bubbles instead of green ones, and they also have a read receipt next to them. The app also includes a couple of additional Chat settings that let you customize auto-download behavior, enable/disable read receipts, select default messaging type, and more.

Samsung Messages Chat settings

It’s worth noting that while Google’s RCS support in Samsung’s stock messaging app still isn’t widely available at the moment, adding support for Google’s chat features in Samsung Messages is expected to increase adoption of the RCS protocol and enhance interoperability between devices using Google Messages and Samsung Messages for RCS messaging.

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