Google reannounces and rolls out automatic summaries for long documents

Google reannounces and rolls out automatic summaries for long documents

During Google I/O 2022, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced a “new” feature that would bring automated summarizations to Google Docs. Despite the proclamation of it being new, the technology was previously introduced back in March 2022 for business users. Regardless, the technology is quite impressive, using machine learning models to parse data in order to pull out the main points from documents. Undeniably this could become a game-changer, saving countless hours of reading, and giving people access to only the most important details of a document, and it’s now rolling out to normal users, too.


So how is all of this possible?

To put it simply, by making use of AI and machine learning, Google can break down texts, pulling out only the most relevant points. According to Pichai, this kind of behavior requires the AI to understand long passages, information compressions, and natural language generation. It is quite a complex process, to say the least, with Pichai giving insights that this type of machine learning behavior was not even possible just a short time ago.

But wait, there’s more!

Drawing on the same technology for its Google Docs summarization, Google also announced that its summarization feature would be coming to Google Chat in the near future. Within the next few months, users will be able to get helpful summaries of chats and look at key highlights of their conversations. Google is also looking to bring transcription and summarization features to Google Meet. This will not only allow users to catch up with meetings at a later time. But it will also give users a new way to experience future meetings.

Google says that automatic summaries will roll out to Google Chat next month. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as the feature starts rolling out to all users.

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