Google Recorder app from the Google Pixel 4 is now available for download

Google Recorder app from the Google Pixel 4 is now available for download

Among the bountiful harvest of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL leaks, there have been sightings of a new “Recorder” app. In one of the several hands-on videos that popped up earlier this month, we spotted the Recorder app in the app drawer. It also showed up in an earlier leak as well. The app is now available to download ahead of the Pixel 4 launch.

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The Pixel 4 Recorder app is pretty simple. When you open it up there is a red button at the bottom to start recording. When you’re recording, you can see your audio levels displayed on the screen along with the Pause button. You can pause the recording or tap the checkmark button to save it. Recording are named with the time they were taken, but you can rename them.


In the settings, you have the option to use Light, Dark, or System default for the theme (the latter respects the system-wide theme). And that’s pretty much it. This is just a simple, barebones app that should come pre-installed on the Pixel 4 series. Nothing too exciting, but it’s small things like this that improve the user experience. Pixel owners won’t have to go digging through the Play Store to find a simple recorder app.

You can try out the Google Recorder app right now by downloading it from APKMirror below and sideloading. This app should work on devices running Android 10 (but we can’t guarantee it will work for everyone).

Source: APKMirror | Via: 9to5Google

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