Google Recorder update brings support for more English dialects

Google Recorder update brings support for more English dialects

Google Recorder was first introduced back when the Google Pixel 4 launched in 2019, and it was pretty groundbreaking when it first launched, with features like automatic transcription using Google’s own AI and voice recognition. And since it was first launched, it has been improved a lot. But the voice recognition is not perfect. And while Google’s voice transcription already does a pretty good job picking up different accents, right now, it’s a one-size-fits-all solution that works best on American English, which isn’t ideal for other dialects. Now, support for more English dialects is coming to the app.


The feature was announced last month with the latest Pixel Feature Drop, which included other features coming to more markets like Call Screen and car crash detection. And as previously announced, the Recorder app now supports a handful of additional English dialects, including Singaporean, Australian, Irish, and British English. This will greatly help the app understand different accents and words by using a speech model made specifically for that dialect.

You can change the transcription language in the Google Recorder app’s settings or by tapping on the language in the Transcript tab while recording. You’ll have to download the language models to use speech recognition offline, which are each about ~50MB in size. Once you’ve downloaded the speech model that works best for your dialect, you can expect the app to understand your speech a little bit better. The Recorder app is using the Speech On-Device API (SODA) for speech recognition, so you can expect the same excellent Google speech recognition, except localized to your specific dialect slightly better.

The new Google Recorder update is now rolling out to users, so if you haven’t updated yet, be on the lookout for an update coming to your Pixel device on the Google Play Store. If it’s not showing up for you get, you can also grab it off APKMirror, though you may not be successful in sideloading it.

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