Google Releases Blockly 1.0 for Android and iOS

Google Releases Blockly 1.0 for Android and iOS

Over the years, Google has released many open-sourced projects to aid developers in coding for their platforms. One such project is called Blockly, an open source library for building drag-and-drop visual editors for a multitude of programming languages. With the Blockly library, it uses a visual set of interlocking blocks that you can drag and drop to output syntactically proper code in the language of your choice. Now, it is available on Android and iOS. Blockly for Android is a developer preview that offers standard Android views and fragments in Blockly’s editor.

The project was first announced five years ago. Ever since, developers used Blockly in hundreds of projects including the likes of or littleBits. The project’s fork named Scratch Blocks is optimized for creating coding apps for kids.


Version 1.0 of the project brings the following features for app development:

  • Blockly’s standard UI
  • Custom blocks, toolbox categories, and layouts
  • Functions, variables, mutators, and extensions
  • Code generation in JavaScript, Python, Dart, PHP, and Lua
  • Internationalization support (including for RTL languages)

The latest version brings several improvements to other projects as well. Google added more structured APIs and improved touch support for the mobile web. In addition, the developers behind the project improved Internet Explorer and Edge support. Blockly is now fully supported on IE10+. Additionally, all blocks can now be defined by JSON, allowing a single set of block definitions to be used for web, iOS, and Android.

You can learn more about Blockly from the following video.

If you want to build your projects using Blockly, you can visit its official website. You can also jump right into the code for webAndroid, or iOS. Google has also announced iOS Codelab that provides necessary learning materials. An Android version of Codelab is expected soon.

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