Google Hopes to Replace Gmail With Inbox

Google Hopes to Replace Gmail With Inbox

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Gmail isn’t the only Email client that Google has in its arsenal. A few months ago, the Inbox project was launched, and since then Google developers have been working hard on feature implementation. Inbox by Gmail is a totally new approach to Email, aiming to be more user-friendly and powerful than regular Gmail service.

Three of the people who created Inbox took part in Reddit AMA session, in which they answered questions regarding features, requests and overall future of the project. According to lead designer Jason Cromwell, Inbox is prepared to replace Gmail in the very long term. Google is planning to add more features to its Email client, giving Inbox room for improvement.

In other news, Google is planning to integrate other Email systems like or Yahoo into the desktop version of Gmail. The recent Gmail for Android version already such functionality built-in.

Through the years, Gmail developed into one of the most popular Email clients in the world. It’s commonly used not only by Android users, but also by businessmen and companies. Google plans to base their decision about shutting down one client on users requests, but this may never happen. You never know what this company has up its metaphorical sleeve.

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