Google now sells replacement remotes for Chromecast with Google TV

Google now sells replacement remotes for Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV has already been a big hit since its launch in September. But already, there are anguished cries from around the internet from users who’ve already lost the remote. Fortunately, Google is listening and has added the option to buy a replacement from the Google Store. For $20, you can now replace it, in the same color as the original (or if you prefer, one of the others).

Chromecast with Google TV is the first device in the range to have a remote of any kind, and although it’s kind of nice in the hand, it’s pretty small and let’s be fair here, pretty easy to lose, so it’s not surprising that a few of them have already ended up stuck down the back of the sofa. Given that it’s more than a simple IR remote, with Bluetooth and a microphone for Google Assistant integrated, it’s not a bad price by remote control standards, though it still represents half the cost of a whole new device.


    Voice Remote for Chromecast with Google TV
    Lost the remote that came with your new Google Chromecast with Google TV. You can pick up a replacement for just $19.99.

In addition to the replacement remote, the previously announced Ethernet adapter is also now on sale for $19.99. As with the Chromecast Ultra, the Ethernet port is integrated into the power supply, and so replaces the one supplied with the original device. Most users won’t need an Ethernet connection, as Wi-Fi support is excellent. More likely, the arrival of an Ethernet option is in preparation for compatibility with Google’s game streaming service Stadia, which bewilderingly wasn’t available at launch.

    Ethernet Adapter for Chromecast with Google TV
    Need a faster and more stable Internet connection for 4K video streaming or cloud gaming on your Chromecast with Google TV? You'll need the Ethernet Adapter from Google.

Google has already suggested that this isn’t the end of integration for Chromecast with Google TV and other products in the range. It recently emerged that Google is working to create the parts of a home theatre system by allowing users to pair their Chromecast with two of the recently launched Nest Audio devices in a stereo array.

Both the remote and ethernet adapter are available in the Google Store.

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