Google Reportedly Wants OEMs to Integrate Google Home in Products

Google Reportedly Wants OEMs to Integrate Google Home in Products

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October 4th is going to be a big day for the Mountain View internet giant. It’s all but confirmed to be the day Google officially announces the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. We’ve seen mock-ups created, the the front display assembly leaked, photos showing the front and back of the devices, and software details about how they will have 2 of each partition and how that could allow community developers to do a number of unique things with custom software.

It’s fair to say the Pixel and Pixel XL have not been shy over the last couple of months. We’re looking forward to seeing these two devices officially announced next week, but rumor has it that smartphones won’t be the only thing Google unveils on October 4th. If true, we could see Google announcing hardware products like the Chromecast dongle that can support Ultra HD video, the Daydream View VR headset, and Google Home.

You can think of Google Home as their way to compete with the Amazon Echo. A standalone device that allows you to access your entertainment (like playing songs and playlists), manage your everyday tasks (like setting reminders, making reservations, controlling your lights and thermostat), and having access to Google search all with just your voice. It was originally thought that Google would be the sole manufacturer of this device, but a new report says otherwise.

Variety is reporting that Google is wanting other OEMs to integrate Google Home into their own products. At first it seemed like this meant something similar to how they did their OnHub router where multiple manufacturers could make their own, but it could go beyond that. At a closed door meeting with Google, it’s said that Google wants other OEMs to utilize Google Home like they have been with Google Cast. The report also says that Google might be displaying “aggressive muscle-flexing” in its negotiation by telling manufacturers that they’d have to incorporate the service if they want their products to be able to use Chromecast at all.

Either way, we could see a number of products like smart TVs, soundbars, Bluetooth speakers, and more have Google Home baked right into the product and as early as next summer.

Source: Variety