Google rolls out G Suite calendar integration with Google Assistant for some users

Google rolls out G Suite calendar integration with Google Assistant for some users

Google offers a plethora of services to its corporate users via G Suite. It has basic features like calendar and reminders, but also advanced stuff like hosting a website or creating a work email. Integrating corporate accounts with regular Google services is getting easier and easier. Google just started rolling out the ability to access the G Suite calendar via Google Assistant. This feature was first announced at Google Cloud Next 2019.

Reddit user rbf2000 posted a thread in the Google Home subreddit claiming that he can listen to his G Suite calendar appointments from Google Home. This means that Google Assistant can finally work with G Suite, at least on some level. Based on the information from the thread and our testing, this is a gradual rollout as not all users have received the feature yet. Some users also claim that this has been a part of the beta program for quite some time. It looks like Google developers are satisfied with the result to start moving the feature to the stable channel. To check if you have a feature or not, open the Google app and navigate to More > Settings > Google Assistant > Services > Calendar. The first screenshot below shows how it looks if you have the feature, while the second one outlines its unavailability.

Though we don’t know the exact rollout date of the feature, it shouldn’t be long until Google finally pushes it to the majority of users. Some users (including myself) have been waiting for this feature for over 2 years. G Suite and Google Assistant integration means that you can now easily check your work appointments on your phone, smart speaker or display, watch, and other devices, all hands-free.

Via: /u/rbf2000 on /r/GoogleHome

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