Google is making it easier to learn about Search results

Google is making it easier to learn about Search results

Google has announced plans to add a feature to Search that will provide more context to results. That means you’ll be able to learn more about the search result, the website it’s featured on, and where that information is coming from.

The goal is to better familiarize users with websites they may not recognize.

“But there’s also a ton of great information on and services available from sites that you may not have come across before,” Google said in a blog post. “And while you can always use Google to do some additional research about those sites, we’re working on a new way for you to find helpful info without having to do another search.”


Starting today, users will see a menu icon next to “most results on Google.” Click it and you’ll be provided with more information. Google said this added context will allow users to make more informed decisions about the sites they visit.

Information about websites will be pulled from Wikipedia, which Google said will provide the most up-to-date verified and sourced information available. “If it’s a site you haven’t heard of before, that additional information can give you context or peace of mind, especially if you’re looking for something important, like health or financial information,” Google said.

If a website doesn’t have Wikipedia information, Google will include additional context such as when the search giant first indexed the site.

For things like job searches and business listings, Google said it will include information about how the company sources that info. Before you visit a website, Google will also show whether it’s secure based on its use of the HTTPS protocol.

You can start learning more about search today in English in the U.S. on desktop, mobile web, and the Google App on Android. Google didn’t say when these features will roll out to other parts of the world.

Today’s update comes on the heels of a big redesign to Google Search on mobile.

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