Google Search for Android Now Searches within Apps

Google Search for Android Now Searches within Apps

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Google Search for Android  is about to become significantly more powerful. And unlike some of the more recent additions to the app’s capabilities, this actually does not come in the form of new cards, Easter Eggs, or enhancements to the hidden Google Experience Launcher. Rather, a staged rollout beginning today will extend the power of Google Search to third-party applications.

Previously, in order to search for application-specific information, you’d first have to go to the application and look from there. Now, Google Search will be able to find information from within supported apps directly, without the need to first open an application. A good example of this would be looking up movie information in Google Search, and then immediately jumping into the context-relevant page in your IMDb app.

Additionally, Google Search will now be able to help you find “just the right app.” For example, if you search for “downhill ski apps,” it will show you mobile apps related to your search query. As stated by Google’s Scott Huffman, “This is just one step toward bringing apps and the web together, making it even easier to get the right information, regardless of where it’s located.”

What do you think of the new Google Search functionality? Are you excited about the upcoming integration, or are you a bit more leery of Google’s continuing efforts to wedge itself in every aspect of your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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