Google Search and Google Lens get new visual and Augmented Reality features

Google Search and Google Lens get new visual and Augmented Reality features

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Augmented Reality is often considered the future of technology. So, it wasn’t unexpected when one of Google I/O 2019’s first announcements was revolving around it. Google seems to be very proud of what they’ve accomplished in the area. Many of Google’s products, like Photos, Maps, Google Lens, and Google Camera have been using some kind of AR features for quite a while, but Google is now taking them on the whole new level. Google is bringing AR to even more services, including Google Search and Google Lens.

In the GIF below, you can see how easy it is now to bring a huge object, like the great shark, close to you. The scale is 1:1, so you’re not missing out on anything. Searching for a 3D model of the animal or static objects and displaying them via AR takes just a couple of taps. You can also make Google Search help you study anatomy by exploring human body parts, like the muscles.

Google Lens also got a couple of improvements. You can now scan the restaurant’s menus to find your preferred dishes and beverages. Tapping on them displays a pop-up card with relevant photos from the location. After enjoying your food, you can scan the bill to pay with your phone. You can even have Assistant split the payment for easily sharing the expense. New translation features are also coming to Lens, including the ability to overlay text. Google also announced that Lens will soon be available on Google Go – a version of Google Search for entry-level Android devices.

One thing they didn’t mention is the release date of all these features. Neither the representatives on the event nor the article on Google’s blog mentions anything about the availability. I won’t be surprised if they debut with Pixel 4 along with the next generation of Google Assistant.

Source: Google