Google Search Updated with Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, and Suggested Content

Google Search Updated with Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, and Suggested Content

Google’s bread and butter might be advertising revenue, but it’s the company’s do-it-all search engine that keeps people coming back. Over the years, the company’s improved Google Search with features like search suggestions and related topics, and the latest enhancements put topics of interest front and center.

“Search is not just about answering your questions—it’s also about discovery,” Michael Galvez, Product Manager at Google Search, wrote in a blog post. “We search to explore new topics of interest, to find new angles to ideas or things we think we already know, or even to uncover information that we didn’t even think to ask about.”

To that end, Google’s enhanced three key features of Search on mobile and desktop: Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panel, and suggested content.

Knowledge Panels, which launched in 2012, put content relevant to your Google searches front and center (and save you the trouble of having to visit another website). For example, if you search for a popular movie, you’ll see information about its plot, the actors who star it in, and more in a card near the top of the Google search results page. Starting this week, Knowledge Panels will begin to show content related to what you’re searching for — if you dive into a Knowlege Panel for skiing, you’ll see searches for related sports such as snowboarding.

Featured Snippets are a bit different. They’re algorithmic highlights of content from around the web, tailored to your searches. The idea’s to deliver answers to specific questions, and Google’s made them more useful than ever with more image and related searches.

But for searches that don’t trigger Knowledge Panels or Featured Snippets, Google’s improved Search’s general suggestions. For example, if you do a search for the World Series, you’ll see information about current and upcoming related events. And if Google Search notices that you’ve searched for two similar things back-to-back, you’ll see suggestions for related topics at the top of the search results page.

The changes will roll out in the coming days, Mr. Galvez said.

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