Google Search now supports local language queries in five Indian languages

Google Search now supports local language queries in five Indian languages

At its Google For India event today, Google announced a bunch of new India-specific features for Google Search, Google Assitant, Google Pay, and other Google services. One of the features Google unveiled today is the ability to auto-translate web pages in select Indian languages.

Previously, if you searched for something in Hindi, Google had trouble surfacing search results in non-English languages and would display English web pages instead. But Google says it’s rolling out a new feature to Google Search that will automatically translate English results into your preferred language on the fly.


When you search for something in your local language, Google will translate high-quality content from other languages into your preferred language. Tapping on the translated search results will take the user to the destination page, where they can view the content in their local language. Right now, the feature only works for science and education queries, but Google says it will be expanding support to more topics later this year. The feature is available in five Indian languages, including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, on all mobile browsers. Google says support for more languages is coming.

Another nifty feature that Google is debuting in India is the ability to listen to search results. The feature will come in handy for those who like to consume information in audiobook or podcast-style or have vision impairment.

“By simply tapping a button in the search results, people can now hear the information read back to them in Hinglish and five Indian languages.,” said Google in a blog post.

The feature will be available in Hinglish and five Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil.

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