Google Search results redesign puts more emphasis on website branding

Google Search results redesign puts more emphasis on website branding

One of the great things about smartphones is always having information at your fingertips. We can quickly pull out our phone, open Google Search, and find just about anything in a jiffy. The results of most of those quick searches currently contain a heap of text – whether it is in the form of links or excerpts. The text, in one way or another, lets us decide what result to go ahead with, based on content alone.

Google has announced a fresh new redesign of these results that will be rolling out within a few weeks. The redesign contains anchor-points on every result card, filled with the source website’s icon and name, along with the title and the excerpt from the result. This won’t only help us sift through results in a quicker manner, but it will help us know where the information is coming from. A little visual design goes a long way, as advertisements appearing along-side the results will have a bold ad label along with the website address.

Before / After

This entire redesign seems to be based around bringing the more visual elements of search results up. From helping website owners grow organic hits and improve their brand recognition with the help of the source’s icon at the anchor of a card, to helping users sift through content in a quicker, clearer manner, this redesign has a lot of potentials.

Not only does this upcoming redesign have the potential to open gates for the introduction of better search previews, more new action buttons and possibly updated versions of content formats, but it also helps open up a bunch of possibilities for application-specific search results.

The update is expected to roll out to all users within the span of a few weeks. Let us know how you feel about the redesign and Google’s decisions leading up to it in the comments!

Source: The Keyword

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