Google Search starts testing a redesigned image viewer UI on mobile

Google Search starts testing a redesigned image viewer UI on mobile

Google is reportedly testing a new design for the image viewer in Google Search. The updated UI incorporates new design elements that fall in line with the new Material You design guidelines and even work with Android 12‘s dynamic theming system.

According to 9to5Google, the redesign image viewer UI has started rolling out to some users on both the mobile web version of search and within the Android app. However, it isn’t widely available yet. If you haven’t received the updated UI so far, here’s what it looks like:


Screenshots: 9to5Google

As shown in the attached screenshots, image previews still take up the top half of the screen. However, the site name and favicon are now shown in a pill in the top-left corner of the preview. The ‘x’ button to close the preview has been moved from the top left to the top right and it has a three-dot menu button next to it, which houses the Share and Bookmark options.

The name of the webpage and the article title are much larger in the redesigned layout, but they still appear right underneath the image preview. The ‘Visit’ button, however, has been moved to the bottom left corner and it, along with the rest of the UI elements underneath the preview, follows Android 12’s dynamic theming system. Lastly, the scrollable related images are now shown in a carousel that you can expand, and the Google Lens button now has a prominent position in the bottom left corner.

As mentioned earlier, the redesigned Google Search image viewer UI is currently available for a small number of users. Google has not shared any information regarding a wider rollout at the moment. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as the new UI starts rolling out widely.

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