Google is reportedly working on a second foldable Pixel phone

Google is reportedly working on a second foldable Pixel phone

Google’s next big update to Android will be Android 12, but signs point to a 12.1 update in the future that will improve the foldable phone experience. We’ve seen rumors of a foldable Pixel code-named “Passport” that could release late this year, and now it seems Google may be working on a second foldable Pixel phone.

References to this device have been spotted by the folks over at 9to5Google. The device in question is reportedly code-named “Jumbojack”. XDA can also corroborate that references to a foldable device named “pixel_jumbojack” appear in Google’s internal AOSP repository. The code-name may be a reference to Jack in the Box’s Jumbo Jack cheeseburger.


The report from 9to5Google says that documents show “Jumbojack” is being used to test foldable features on Android 12. One feature being tested was a new “posture” API that indicates what physical state the device is in (opened, closed, half-opened, and flipped).

The device apparently features two displays, and when folded, the second display is hidden. It also has features built into its Android 12 software that won’t be available to other foldable devices until the later 12.1 revision. Apparently, Jumbojack has some customizations to the way split-screen is handled.

It’s possible Google is planning two foldables, one a “hamburger” style like the Galaxy Z Flip, and another that opens lengthwise like the Galaxy Z Fold. There’s no word on any hardware specs or other details on these rumored devices, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for an announcement from Google, possibly this year.

Featured image: Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3

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