Google Set To End Support For ADT In Eclipse

Google Set To End Support For ADT In Eclipse

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In a move that was predicted since Android Studio was launched back in 2013, Google has announced that they will be ending official support for Eclipse at the end of this year. This specifically includes the Eclipse ADT (Android Developer Tools) plugin and the Android Ant build system.

Over the past few years, our team has focused on improving the development experience for building Android apps with Android Studio. Since the launch of Android Studio, we have been impressed with the excitement and positive feedback. As the official Android IDE, Android Studio gives you access to a powerful and comprehensive suite of tools to evolve your app across Android platforms, whether it’s on the phone, wrist, car or TV.

Back when it was released, Android Studio had drawn mixed reactions. You either loved the new features and polish that it promised to bring along, or you still preferred to remain with Eclipse and the extensive troubleshooting documentation that it had accumulated from the community. However, Google has indeed delivered on its promise of providing a robust development platform for app developers, with Android Studio having matured into a stable and reliable tool. What’s more, Google will be migrating the rest of the standalone performance tools like DDMS and Trace Viewer to Android Studio, along with building additional support for the Android NDK, so little reason will remain to still continue on using Eclipse over Android Studio.

If you are an Eclipse die-hard, you can still continue on using it even after support ends.

Android tools inside Eclipse will continue to live on in the open source community via the Eclipse Foundation. Check out the latest Eclipse Andmore project if you are interested in contributing or learning more.

As a suggestion, it is better to make the switch to Android Studio as soon as you can.

Also, if you want to contribute to Android Studio, you can also check out the project source code. To follow all the updates on Android Studio, join our Google+ community.