Google Shopping launches in India with a new home page, a progressive web app and a new tab in Google Search

Google Shopping launches in India with a new home page, a progressive web app and a new tab in Google Search

Google has announced the official launch of Google Shopping in India. The search experience through Google Shopping is designed to showcase offers from various retailers on products across various categories in an easy-to-access manner.

India has the second largest population in the world, of which only 400 Million of Indians are online yet. Just one-third of this online population shops online, so there’s a lot of potential in India as a market for everyone. Google has recognized an opportunity here — an opportunity to organize information related to shopping and make it universally accessible. Google Shopping is one step towards this direction, allowing users to easily filter through offers, review prices from multiple retailers and find the right product.

The Google Shopping experience will get richer with usage and is available through several Google products. The first is a made-to-browse experience on the new Shopping home page. Entry level phones can have the same experience through a Progressive Web App. There is also a new Shopping tab on Google Search, where results can be viewed in Hindi as well as English. And finally, Style Search in Google Lens is also being made available to users in India.

Retailers can also upload product details on Merchant Center, and these will now appear across Google without needing to pay for ad campaigns. Merchant Center is also now available in Hindi alongside the previously available English, so many more merchants can now comfortably make use of the service.

Shopping Home Page

The Google Shopping home page focuses on providing a window-shopping experience, allowing users to casually browse through product categories with ease. There are also features like price drops as well as collection of popular products to help you spot your next purchase.

Shopping tab in Google Search

The Shopping tab in Google Search shows a list of products matching your search, with the ability to view details and review prices across retailers.

Google says that there’s no revenue share arrangement with the participating vendors. Instead, they can use Product Listing Ads on Google search to promote their products, a revenue opportunity for the search giant.

Source: Google India Blog Story Via: NDTV Gadgets

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