Google Shopping is integrating 20,000 new local business listings and adding support for 9 Indian languages

Google Shopping is integrating 20,000 new local business listings and adding support for 9 Indian languages

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Late last year, Google announced the launch of Google Shopping in India. The new feature was designed to showcase deals and offers from various retailers on products across various categories. Google recently redesigned the personalized shopping experience, introduced a new price tracking tool, added a local search filter, and a new Buy on Google option. Now, the company is bringing even more features to Google Shopping in a bid to connect more users to retailers.

Local Businesses in Google Shopping

The latest changes to Google Shopping aim to help small and medium businesses reach more consumers. To this effect, Google is bringing more local stores online through Google My Business. Once the feature goes live, any local retailer will be able to create an online store and connect with shoppers searching for their products on Google. The feature will allow retailers to click photos of their in-store products which will automatically surface as product listing on Search and in the Google Shopping tab. Thanks to this integration, Google is bringing 20,000 local businesses that were already on Google My Business to the Shopping experience. The feature has already started rolling out and is expected to be available to users in India early next year.

To make the Google Shopping experience more accessible to users in the country, Google has also announced support for Indian languages using Google Translate. Users will be able to check product listings on the Shopping home page in several Indian languages, starting with Hindi. The translation will require no extra effort on the merchant’s end and the products will automatically be displayed to shoppers in Hindi. The company plans to add support for nine Indian languages over time, including Gujarati and Telugu.

Since its launch last year, Google Shopping has seen tremendous growth in India with users in the country engaging with the experience more often, and for longer periods of time when compared to other markets. There’s also been significant growth for small and medium businesses, with clicks on listings from such retailers increasing by 30 percent over the year.