Google Shopping and Google Lens updated with features that will make your shopping easier

Google Shopping and Google Lens updated with features that will make your shopping easier

Shopping forms an integral part of our everyday lives, whether our wallet likes it or not. While spending money is the easy part, spending money wisely is where it gets tricky, especially if you rely on the Internet for your shopping needs. As Google itself puts it, the web is a seemingly endless source of ideas, products, and choices, so the process of finding inspiration, figuring out your options, and then grabbing the best deals can be a difficult task to orchestrate regularly. To help users with this, Google is now adding in a new feature called “Style Ideas” to Google Lens, and redesigning the experience in Google Shopping.


Google Shopping


The Google Shopping experience has been redesigned from its debut in India. The personalized homepage displays products and information from thousands of online and offline stores, focusing more on products that you are interested in based on your history.

Google Shopping_1

Price Tracking

Google Shopping now includes a price tracking tool, that allows users to track prices on products that they want to closely watch. The app will send a notification to your phone when the price of that item drops, and in the future, these notifications will also be available via email.

Google Shopping Price Tracking

Local search filter

Google Shopping is attempting to incorporate the advantages of offline shopping into its ambit. So if you prefer restricting yourself to goods that are available in stores near you, there is a new “Nearby” filter that will showcase local stores that have stock of the product you want.

Buy on Google

With Google Shopping, users will be able to purchase products directly on Google from thousands of stores. This process utilizes the information already saved in your Google account, and all orders will be backed by a Google guarantee — promising easier returns and refunds and Google’s customer support. “Buy on Google” products are identified by a colorful shopping cart icon on listings and search filters.

"Buy on Google" Google Shopping

Google Lens

Style Ideas

Google is helping out people who have a hard time imagining new styles based on just the clothes in front of them. With the new Style Ideas feature on Google Lens, users can now get outfit inspirations from Google by looking up how other users have styled the same clothes. This feature will work with items you see on the web (uploaded to Lens through a screenshot), or by directly pointing your camera fromGoogle Lens Style Ideas


All of these features are rolling out to users in the USA. The new Google Shopping experience is available both on mobile (iOS and Android) and on desktop. Google is also promising to invest in clean energy projects to offset the carbon emissions created from shipping your order, whenever you buy on Google.

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