Google shuts down the YouTube Gaming app

Google shuts down the YouTube Gaming app

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Google isn’t exactly known for supporting unsuccessful products for very long. It’s been 4 years since the initial release of YouTube Gaming and the company is already getting rid of it. To be honest, it’s probably for the better. Ever since the launch, the purpose of the application has been unclear. It didn’t offer anything particularly new and different from the regular YouTube app. Even for gamers, who are the main market for this platform, found the use of the app confusing. It took Google just a couple of years to acknowledge that.

Apparently, most of the people who in theory should be YouTube Gaming users, use the regular YouTube app. The reasoning behind this is that the apps have a very similar feature set. Though, YouTube Gaming doubled as a testing environment. If you remember, it was one of the first Google applications to have a dark mode. If you want to keep using some of the features which are specifically aimed for gamers, then you have to check YouTube’s Gaming Hub. This section is here to compensate for the discontinuing YouTube Gaming.

Google announced end of support for the product in September of last year, so the discontinuation isn’t that surprising. The exact date that Google will shut down YouTube Gaming is May 30th, 2019. It will apparently stop working after then and you will lose your saved games. As of now, the app is still available in the Play Store, though I wouldn’t download it. If you want to continue viewing gaming content on YouTube after May 30th, just use the standard YouTube app. The good thing is that your subscriptions are still there.

Source: Google Support / Via: The Verge