Google Smart TV Kit will bundle a Google Home Mini and Chromecast

Google Smart TV Kit will bundle a Google Home Mini and Chromecast

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Google appears to have something in store for their home entertainment suite of devices as we can see in yet another leak ahead of their scheduled press event on October 9th. The Chromecast is getting a redesign that will be released to the masses soon, and now it appears the company intends to also include the device in a “Google Smart TV Kit” bundle. That Smart TV Kit appears to contain a Google Home Mini alongside the new Chromecast. It does not appear that we are getting a new Google Home Mini, and instead, the package contains last year’s model.

Source: /u/LitheBeep

The company used to sell a Chromecast and Google Home Mini bundle exclusive to Walmart, but it wasn’t given a special name. The bundle has a lot of practical uses when both devices are within the same room, so it’s not all too surprising to see them double down on it. It’s not like there’s a lot of competitors either – the only real competitor to the Google Home is Amazon’s suite of Echo devices. To get a similar experience from Amazon, you’d also need to pick up a Fire TV stick as well for your TV alongside your other Alexa-powered device. There’s even a Fire TV and Echo Dot bundle that you can pick up straight from Amazon as well, which directly rivals what Google is selling here.

How much Google’s new Smart TV kit will cost is unknown at this point in time, but the previous bundle cost roughly $75 from Walmart, with occasional deals dropping the price by a few dollars. It’s expected for this new bundle to cost about the same, given that the components that make it up are largely unchanged. With yet another device leaked ahead of Google’s launch event in just a few days time, there’s not much left. We know everything about the Google Pixel 3, and we’re reasonably confident about what Pixelbook is getting launched as well. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if anything comes to surprise us at the event.

Source: /r/GooglePixel