Google Stadia can now play games over 4G and 5G mobile data

Google Stadia can now play games over 4G and 5G mobile data

Google Stadia launched last year as the company’s ambitious entry into the growing market of cloud game streaming services. Understandably, Stadia was limited to Wi-Fi networks at launch. After all, streaming games from the cloud racks up data usage very quickly. If that doesn’t matter to you, though, it’s now possible to play games over 4G and 5G mobile data.

Streaming games over 4G and 5G comes to the platform via a new Stadia Experiment that launches today. Users who wish to be able to play games on-the-go can opt-in to the Experiment in the settings section of the Stadia app for Android. Tap your avatar in the top right corner, select Experiments, and then choose Use Mobile Data. 9to5Google estimates that Stadia consumes 2.7GB per hour, which suggests that the streaming quality is 360p.


Google didn’t reveal what the actual streaming quality will be, but we’d hope to see better than 360p over 5G. Carriers boast about all the amazing capabilities of 5G, but that doesn’t mean much if services are limiting streaming quality. This is just the beginning of mobile streaming for Stadia, though, so we’ll have to wait and see once people actually try it out.

One side effect of playing games over 4G and 5G is that you can’t use the Stadia Controller. The controller must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone, which obviously makes it impossible to use on-the-go. You’re stuck with the on-screen controls or another wired controller. The option is still rolling out to the Android app, so hang tight if you don’t see it yet.

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