Google Stadia launches YouTube live streaming support

Google Stadia launches YouTube live streaming support

Google is finally making good on one of its most promised features, which wasn’t ready when the service went live. Starting tomorrow, all users will be able to live-stream their games on YouTube, putting right an omission which had put some users off the service. As well as streaming, the YouTube integrations will make it easier to view what the creator is up to. Plans to offer weblinks to join a game in progress don’t appear to be realised with this update, alas. According to 9to5Google and The Verge, you’ll just have to name your stream and confirm if it is suitable for children or not.


Credits: 9to5Google

Streaming quality has not been mentioned so far, and although Google said at the launch of Stadia that 4K would be supported, we’ve not yet been able to confirm if that’s definitely the case. There’s some speculation that 4K will be reserved for Stadia Premium subscribers.

The launch of Google Stadia has been very ‘on brand’ for Google in as much as several functions weren’t ready and are being added later. As well as the YouTube integration, Stadia also launched without support for Google Chromecast devices, other than the high-end Chromecast Ultra bundled with the controller. Chromecast with Google TV will be added early next year, whilst Nvidia Shield users have had some success.

The lack of launch support for YouTube has done nothing to prove Stadia’s credentials. With initial interest in the platform still dwarfed by the current generation of physical consoles, Google will need to work hard to demonstrate more of the things that cloud gaming can do. Nowhere will this be more apparent than with the imminent release of Cyberpunk 2077, which is being seen as Stadia’s first big chance to show what it’s capable of.

As for YouTube integration, if your app is up to date, you may find that the option has already been added, but remains greyed out. That should resolve itself tomorrow when the service goes live.

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