Google Reportedly Developing “STAMPS” Technology for Snapchat-Like Media Content

Google Reportedly Developing “STAMPS” Technology for Snapchat-Like Media Content

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News and informative content have greatly benefited from the internet’s multimedia revolution, as articles, listicles and infotainment are increasingly arriving to our screens in video form in order to be distributed in Social Media and instant messaging platforms. There is no shortage of ways to arrive to such content, but it seems Google is planning yet another method of visual-oriented media distribution, with their interactive “STAMPS”.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google is developing technology that will allow publishers create visual-oriented media content similar to what’s found on Snapchat’s “Discover” feature. This would further help Google position itself ahead of its competition in the news dissemination space. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has been in discussions with several publishers including Vox Media, CNN, MIC, The Washington Post and TIME. The service is reportedly dubbed “STAMP”, a clever combination of “Stories” and “AMP” (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Participating publishers would then run stories composed of several swipeable panels containing text and visual media, similarly to Snapchat’s solution. Google could also leverage its search platform and accompanying services to further distribute STAMPs, allowing publishers to reach wide audiences by taking advantage of the multiple ways Google can target and arrive to consumers.  People familiar with the matter suggested that stories could be surfaced in Google search results, for example, or within other Google products, as well as on the publishers’ own sites. So far, there aren’t any clear details on the financial arrangements between publishers and Google, and whether STAMPs would open up to other content creators.

This is an interesting strategy on Google’s part; the company must recognize that news content is increasingly being consumed in smartphones, and that it’s also increasingly visual. We’ve all seen the captioned news or recipe videos on social networks, as well as new kinds of interactive media content like Discover. By introducing swipeable panels, Google would also take advantage of our smartphones (increasingly) vertical screens, allowing STAMPs to display multiple slides for higher information density and cohesive. It certainly sounds like an interesting way to distribute news and informative content. The Wall Street Journal notes that STAMPS could be announced as early as next week.

Source:  Wall Street Journal