Google Store Pixel Phones Can be Rooted and Come With an Unlockable Bootloader

Google Store Pixel Phones Can be Rooted and Come With an Unlockable Bootloader

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There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Granted, we did have a ton of leaks leading up to the October 4th launch event, but there were still a number of things that simply were not talked about then. It wasn’t until after the launch event that we learned more about the camera sensor, how after sales support would be handled in India, and how updates would be handled by its exclusive US carrier Verizon.

Thanks to developers, we do know that current root methods should not work on Pixel phones without changes. It was also suspected, and then confirmed, that Pixel phones purchased from Verizon would ship with a bootloader that’s locked down tight. This isn’t a surprise as smartphones purchased from Verizon Wireless always come like this. But with the death of the Nexus program, we didn’t know if Google was going to lock these things down on devices that were sold directly on the Google Store. However, Google has officially come out and given a statement regarding the ability to root and unlock the bootloader of the Pixel and Pixel XL sold from the Google Store.

A Google spokesperson has told Dallas of Android Gadget Hacks that customers who purchased the Pixel and Pixel XL from the Google Store “will be able to root their devices.” Not only that, but they went on to say that Pixel and Pixel XL devices purchased from the Google Store “will ship with an unlockable bootloader.” It’s definitely reassuring to see that Google is sticking with this when it comes to devices sold directly from the Google Store.

Source: Android Gadget Hacks